Female Leaders in Mining Participate in Chile’s First Women Economic Forum

Female Leaders in Mining Participate in Chile’s First Women Economic Forum


Representatives from northern Chile will participate in the international event along with more than 50 speakers and representatives from different fields who will address female participation in the world’s economies.

Women from around the country can register for a free streaming event on March 18th and 19th to learn about how the market is moving and what major economic groups in Chile and worldwide are doing to promote greater inclusion of women in the working world.

SQM is participating in the initiative, held for first time in Chile, which will bring together representatives from important Chilean and multinational companies to talk about what they are doing on issues of inclusiveness and gender. They will also address how to close gaps and promote female participation in the Chilean economy’s main production industries.

SQM’s Human Resources Senior Vice President, Natalia Pizarro, and the Chief Executive Officer of More Value, Jenny Rojas, will join other industry executives to address the theme: “The contribution of women in the mining industry,” an in-depth discussion on internal policies their companies have implemented to maximize female presence.

“We invite you to participate in the first Women Economic Forum Chile, an event where we come together with other female leaders to address the gender equity challenges facing the mining industry. At SQM, we are very proud to be part of this initiative. We are committed to increasing female participation and retention throughout the organization. Seventeen percent of SQM’s workforce is female, a figure that exceeds the mining industry’s national average. As we celebrate Women’s Month in Chile, the target of a 20% female workforce in 2021 gains momentum,” said Natalia Pizarro.

WEF Chile Director Nicole Verdugo noted that, according to the organization’s research, “For true economic recovery, Chile needs a policy on gender that enables us to reach an equitable proportion of men and women. That would increase national income between 15% and 20%.” She added, “We need progress on new development policies. Women Economic Forum will be a gathering place where representatives from the political, business and social realms will share the actions they are taking to close the gap and achieve female insertion in different markets.”

To see the agenda and register for the event, go to: https://www.wefchile.cl/.