Families from the Pintados Farming Colony Receive New Water Tanks to Support Agriculture

Families from the Pintados Farming Colony Receive New Water Tanks to Support Agriculture


As part of the SQM-Juventud del Desierto Indigenous Association working group, families from the farming area received an important donation that will optimize the use of water resources and support agriculture in the area.

Nine families from the Pintados Farming Colony received machinery, tools, tubing and four water tanks. The initiative aims to support agriculture in the area by enabling the farmers to maximize the yield of their water resources.

The donation is part of the commitments made through the working group led by the Juventud del Desierto Indigenous Association and SQM, who have been collaborating for four years to benefit families in the area.

Water is the most expensive farming resource. These donations help optimize the availability of the resource in the area. From the beginning, we have felt very supported, particularly through advising and support during the pandemic,” said Edwin Moscoso, President of the Indigenous Association.

The community leader explained that the initiative aims primarily to optimize the automatic irrigation system and increase water availability in one of the driest areas of the country.

At the event marking the donation of the supplies and inauguration of the water tanks, Atilio Narváez, Deputy Manager for Social Programs at SQM, noted the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by the members of the indigenous community. He remarked, “That motivates us to continue working together. They have a great opportunity to grow quality products with a carbon footprint that is quite low relative to other products arriving from southern Chile.”

The donations are part of the “Our People” action area of the mining company’s Sustainability plan, which aims to build even closer relationships with communities near our operations, participate in local economies and contribute to the sustainable development of neighboring communities.