SQM Donates Portable Sinks to María Elena School

SQM Donates Portable Sinks to María Elena School


In keeping with its COVID-19 community action plan, the company donated equipment to aid the safe return to the classroom.

Contributing to a safe return to the classroom, SQM donated portable sinks to benefit the entire educational community at the Humanities and Science Professional Technical School in María Elena. The sinks will support preventative measures and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among students and their families.

The donation consisted of five temperature checking stations with hand sanitizer dispensers and portable sinks, available to elementary and secondary school students to support hygiene measures for physical and recreation activities.

The official donation took place at a ceremony at the beginning of the school year. The community celebrated the donation and the school’s new sports facilities, which will make it possible to resume physical education classes in several disciplines while observing all the preventative health measures.

Ana Cabrera Muñoz, the school’s principal, noted the success of the joint effort between the school community, the municipality and SQM to make a safe return to the classroom possible while strictly observing instructions from the ministries of Education and Health. “As the school year begins, we have positive news, like the unveiling of the sports facilities and health equipment that will help make the return to classroom learning safe for every member of the educational community,” she said.

The Mayor of María Elena, Omar Norambuena, expressed his appreciation for the synergy with local companies and highlighted the commitment shown by SQM, which “has always worked hand-in-hand collaborating with us on everything we have been doing.”

Pablo Pisani, Director of Communications, Sustainability and Public Affairs at SQM, commented: “We donated these portable sinks so that the school community could start classes with the necessary implements and so they can continue and reinforce the health protection process. We provide support in different areas, like health and education, as we work closely with the municipality toward social wellbeing for all María Elena residents.

Notably, the temperature checking stations were made by a local provider. Thus, the initiative also contributed to María Elena’s circular economy.